About Us

Welcome to FaithfulGathering, where the threads of spirituality is woven into the fabric of our journey

Established at the heart of Cityville, we are more than a church; we are a vibrant community dedicated to fostering connections, nurturing spirits, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of faith. At FaithfulGathering, our vision is to create a haven where individuals can explore, embrace, and enrich their spiritual paths. We envision a community united by love, compassion, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact both within our walls and beyond.

Our mission is to cultivate an environment where every person, regardless of their background or beliefs, feels welcomed, supported, and inspired. Through worship, outreach, education, and creative expressions, we aim to empower individuals on their unique journeys of faith and personal growth.

Our Leadership​

James Mitchell

Church Administrator

Brian Anderson

Worship Leader

Michael Turner


FaithfulGathering in Numbers
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Years of Fellowship

Embarking on our spiritual journey over three decades ago, we have stood as a beacon of hope, fostering a strong sense of fellowship among its members.

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Worship Services

We conduct weekly worship services, bringing together an average of 300 individuals each Sunday to celebrate and strengthen their faith.

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Over 100 dedicated volunteers actively contribute to the various ministries and services that make FaithfulGathering a thriving community.

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Community Outreach Events

In the past year, we organized 20+ events, reaching over 1,000 individuals in need through food drives, clothing donations, and support programs.

What defines FaithfulGathering is the authenticity of our community. Here, you are not just a member; you are family. Our doors are open, our hearts are warm, and our shared experiences create a sense of belonging that transcends the ordinary.

Our Vision

At FaithfulGathering, our vision extends beyond the physical walls of our church; it reaches into the very fabric of our community.

Embracing Diversity, Celebrating Unity

At FaithfulGathering, our vision is a tapestry where diverse threads of lives weave together, creating a vibrant and harmonious community.

A Spiritual Family for All

In our vision for FaithfulGathering, every individual is not just a member but a cherished part of our spiritual family.

Illuminating Paths of Spiritual Growth

FaithfulGathering's vision extends beyond our physical walls; it's a guiding light illuminating the paths of spiritual growth.

Ready to make a lasting impact? Contribute to the growth of FaithfulGathering today. Your support fuels our mission, creating a thriving community of faith, compassion, and connection.

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