Community Outreach and Support

Making a Difference Together

Sundays 9:00 am & 12:00 am

In our commitment to community outreach and support, FaithfulGathering strives to make a meaningful impact beyond the walls of our church. Through dedicated programs and initiatives, we aim to extend compassion and assistance to those in need, fostering a sense of unity and collective responsibility. Join us as we work hand in hand, making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families within our local and global community.

Celebrations and Worship Services

Uplifting Hearts in Worship

Wednesdays 5:00 pm

Join us in the joyous and reverent atmosphere of our celebrations and worship services at FaithfulGathering. Each gathering is a unique tapestry of spiritual traditions and shared moments of celebration. Whether it’s the warmth of communal worship or the jubilation of special celebrations, our services are crafted to uplift hearts, creating an environment where faith flourishes and the spirit soars. Come, be a part of these sacred moments that bind us together in shared reverence.

Educational Programs

Nurturing Minds, Enriching Spirits

Fridays 6:00 pm

At FaithfulGathering, education is a cornerstone of our commitment to spiritual growth. Our educational programs go beyond imparting knowledge; they are designed to nurture minds and enrich spirits. From engaging classes to thought-provoking workshops, we invite individuals of all ages to embark on a journey of lifelong learning. Join our community as we explore the depths of faith, understanding, and personal growth together.

Musical and Artistic Expressions

Harmony in Creativity and Worship

Mondays 9:00 am & 12:00 am

Experience the harmonious convergence of creativity and worship at FaithfulGathering through our musical and artistic expressions. Our community celebrates the sacred language of music and art, using these powerful forms of expression to deepen our connection with the divine. From soul-stirring melodies to inspiring artistic displays, we invite you to be a part of this vibrant tapestry where creativity becomes a sacred offering, enriching our worship and resonating with the spirit within us all.

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